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Before 1979 there were many Deltas in the North Chicago, Waukegan and Zion area interested in starting an alumnae chapter in Lake County. At that time the Evanston NorthShore Alumnae Chapter was the nearest chapter, and there was no local chapter.

The group of interested Deltas decided to meet on a regular basis. Their purpose was to plan and organize a local alumnae chapter for Deltas in the Lake County area. An alumnae chapter consists of women, who have graduated from college, whereas a collegiate chapter consists of women enrolled in undergraduate school. Through continuous contacts and correspondence with the regional and national offices and assistance and guidance from sorors in the Evanston NorthShore Chapter, the idea and dream of starting an area chapter became a reality. 

On November 3, 1979, the Waukegan Alumnae Chapter became one of the many, official chartered chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The chartering ceremony took place at the Sheraton-Waukegan Inn in Waukegan, Illinois. Soror Wilhelmina Goff, the Midwest Regional Director at the time, was present and active in the installation of the chapter. The official name was Waukegan Alumnae Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

On November 3, 1979, the eighteen charter members had completed their first big goal. They were well on their way toward meeting other goals established for the newly formed, Waukegan Alumnae Chapter! These goals involved organizational structure, fundraising and public service initiatives for the community.

The newly formed chapter elected officers, established committees and planned and delivered programs for youth and others in the community. Freida Roberts Arrington served as the chapter’s first president.

Some of the public service activities included scholarships, voter registration, public forums, workshops, and conferences, volunteer service at community nursing homes, health fairs, children projects, Gospel Extravaganza, Beautillion, youth dances and Christmas packages and gifts for the needy.


From 1979 to the present, the chapter has developed a strong bond among sorors and increased its membership. Historically, the Waukegan Alumnae Chapter has welcomed women into our organization who were college graduates interested in Delta, hard working, caring, honest, and public service oriented. Women with these qualities, who express an interest in becoming a sorority member, undergo a comprehensive, membership intake process developed by our national organization. To date, the Waukegan Alumnae Chapter has conducted twelve membership intake processes. The first occurred in 1982 and the last occurred in 2018. Delta women who possess the aforementioned qualities and a commitment to sisterhood have helped make our chapter and sorority strong and great!


  • Frieda Roberts Arrington

  • Carolyn Eason Banks

  • Gwendolyn Long Beckwith

  • Billie Bankhead Bobo

  • Gwendolyn Collier Broughton

  • Delores Williams Clark

  • Minnie Cunningham*

  • Mary Watson Hawkins

  • Gladys Bryant Jackson

  • Bettye Frierson Johnson*

  • Emma Carole Gamble Johnson*

  • Alice Portis Jones

  • Hilda Hampton McElroy

  • Ella Lomax Richmond*

  • Aminita Patterson Sparks*

  • Geraldine Brown Stewart*

  • Peggy Stroud Whitaker*

  • Essie Shaw Woods

* Deceased



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